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My name is Steph Phipps and I am currently living and working in Raleigh, NC with my husband Pete Phipps and our two rescue dogs, Brodie (North Carolina native) and Norman (all the way from Japan). I am the designer behind SAS Creative, a graphic and web design studio, and I’m also the Co-Founder of Zass Design, a future friendly accessories brand. 

In 2008, I launched my career as a professional Graphic Designer and Marketer at a small, rapidly growing, pharmaceutical marketing company with a 65 employee headcount. I played a crucial role in the development of the Marketing Department due to company and employee growth up to 400+ headcount in 2014. I was the design “jack of all trades”, leading our design team and working as the VP of Marketing’s right-hand.  

During this time I also launched and Co-Founded Zass Design, with my mom, Zulay Smith. Zass is a sustainable retail accessories brand and the real definition of “home-grown”. Created from our love of bold design and the environment, we combined graphic design art and our jewelry knowledge to create wearable future friendly fashion accessories. We have a strong belief in saving our environment one piece of jewelry at a time! 

In 2015, I resigned from my 7 year corporate in-house graphic design stint to pursue design on my own. I have successfully started and am running SAS Creative where I “work my magic” to turn your ideas into visual brand stories as well as following my eco-fashion beliefs at Zass Design. 

I have an entrepreneur spirit and excitement for design that does good. I am constantly seeking out new opportunities for professional growth and success and would love to work with you! 

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